Saturday, October 13, 2012

My first Isaac post

Just awhile ago, I was reading my old post on my LA encounterment. It just hits me hard that I really forgetting almost every details that I wrote in this blog of mine. Then decided to blog about my precious gift, Isaac Wong Zai-Ran. He is my everything now. I must catch up to write every details about him no matter what, starts from NOW! I know it is wee bit late, but I promise I will try to patch up the earlier part of his milestones!
Today, was a busy day at work, though I work from home since Wednesday. Isaac was down with cough and flu. >.< since last week Saturday/Sunday till now... So I requested to work from home one day extra this week. My normal routine will be Tuesday to Thursday, but because of some discussion need to be done in office so this week I am in office for Monday and Tuesday. Oh yea, back to today, 5.30pm sharp I shut down my Office Communicator and bring Isaac for a stroll like my normal routine with him, whenever I am around. Last 2 days was raining, so we stayed in.
Today, I learnt that he knows what is fun about playground. I have been with him there a few times with my 5 year old nephew, Ryan. Today I just walked pass the playground, did not go into it practically because I thought Isaac might not be interested since all the while my nephew is the one enjoying the playground and we are there because we have to... hahaha...

As I walk pass the playgorund, Isaac began to signal me that he wanted something. I was carrying him and he shake his legs and make some noise, fuss! So I just stop and ask what he want, though he did not answer me obviously, hahaha... then I began to realise that he is eyeing on the playground. So I gladly bring him into the playground. While making my move in, he stop fussing and smile and point with his index finger towards the playground. Hmm... my boy knows what he wants and how to give hints and he turns to be a happy boy. Yea, he knew how to use his index finger to point nowadays. That was between 24 Sept to 27 Sept (while I am away at work in KL office). Missed that first moment actually. I first saw him pointing on 27 Sept at night.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Am I qualify to save?

That is what I have came across today. It surely send me a chill down my spine a wee bit as I read, I think I am yet to qualify.

They gave me this equation Money Saved = Ability to earn x Saving rate x Time. So that means when any one of the variable is zero, that means Money Saved is equal to ZERO... G-Lo... KOSONG... GOLI-MUTEK... LING... Well can you imagine I have all the variables Zero now, except Time. It say "Do you have the time to save money? Congratulations if you are very young. Sorry if you are too old or dying soon". *Grin*, but I ain't proud. It is just that I do not know what else more I can express. I am not VERY young, but I am not sure WHEN am I going to die too.

They says, "When we lost either one of the 3 basic requirement, we won’t be able to save more money. Major diseases will destroy our earning ability. Pre-mature death will take away our time to save money. If you lack the discipline to save money, it is better to engage some financial system to help you.Even though the rate of return is mediocre, insurance endowment plan is a prefect plan to ensure we overcome the above challenges".

So, my task is to get an endowment plan.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Selective Hearing

Occasionally, there has been this selective hearing people around me. I am not sure if I am sensitive or it is for real. Anyway, I choose to believe it is for real. Why? Because everytime I am telling some information, those people tends to only pick and remember those that caught their attention and filtered out those that is not in favour to them. Those filtered information is actually completing my whole story, can't you understand???

It is so true, or I believe so, which keep my mouth shuts most of time. Well, it is not that I did not try to talk at all, I did, but in the end I feel agitated. So, less words, less misinterpretation!!! It does not necessarily means I am dumb or I am coward. It is just plainly because being around these selective hearing people does not make the conversation a pleasant one. I have to repeat and repeat my whole sentence, but still, people keep focusing on the point that is favourable to them ignoring the rest of the information. It irritates me further when they ask the same "filtered" point again and again, just to make sure I confirm it... I have said so... grrrr!!!

That's where gossips of all kinds begin. The original story is A, in the end turns out to be A- or A+ or even B. Be real, get a life!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Shall continue to echo...

Felt deeply regret leaving behind my bloggie for quite a long time. Today, something from the sky, from the sun told me that it's time to continue keeping it up and going. Start fresh...

A brief remark of myself for year 2011 till now, July...
  • to HCM-city Viet, 14 to 18th Feb on company, now, ex-company event... 14th, hehe first year to not celebrate it locally.
  • braces off on 22nd Feb(just in time for the wedding, lucky me!!!) I feel gooood... but I sort of quitting my routine of putting on the retainer at a very early stage, bad huh... the tiny gap on the upper row is a wee bit more visible now, another one wee bit tilted tooth on the lower jaw... weeee bit... But I complaint I wish to highlight is, after braces off, my teeth obviously turn more yellowish than before (days without braces and ugly alignment).
  • missed my Bali and Pulau Perhentian trip in April... so sad... but, HE managed to hop into Perhentian boat anyway, on his birthday eve some more!!!... that makes me more envy... going without me, you ar*hole!!! Asked Amy to quickly brought a brownies from Secret Recipe and gave it to him on my behalf when the clock struck midnight... Amy lit a candle for him on the brownie, what a helper!!! :D
  • Am officially jobless on 3rd of May. Slowwwwly picking up my partime insurance agent and because of "slowwwwly picking up" I left myself penniless at this moment, awful!!!

  • have had an eventful month of May in my life... If I have the courage to tell the world what is leading to this eventful month, I will write it in my future post.

  • having additional 2 new titles now, a wifey and a pregger right this moment... though it wasn't part of my game plan (anyway I don't actually have one), but I have to admit that I am P.R.O.U.D of this whole unplanned-plan!!! To Benny, Lyanne, Fadia and Yee... you know what I mean!

  • Moved back to my sweet hometown from the big city. It's been 2 months now and YaY!!! I am still alive...

  • Certainly enjoying some carefree time but at the same time contemplating with life without objective... you know what how it feels when you are too laid back for quite a long time? And leading your life in a small private limited space (our room) making my life more deprived of S.P.A.C.E. I am everyday hoping to get to move soon to our pretty much-delayed-renovation of our small, small hut. Well at the moment, I am trying to adapt!!!

and now life goes on with my kicking baby boy... hurray :D

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Yea... I know, I know... it's kinda late, but heck Happy New yEar~~

This year resolution, I wanna get more money, thus i need to work hard so that they give me higher salary. Seriously workng my ass out. I am so so tensed up for the past 2 weeks with the transition period that's been going on. I am not sure people can still agree or even remember that I am a newbie in the office. No more boss, making my life harder. Lesser place to depend on. And guess what, I am working from home during this weekend just to clear the log. It's a pain. But I hope to get recognition.

Second resolution, I wanna cut down 5 kilos. I wanna look hotter, or be one. But 5 kilos babe >.< I shall figure it out soon. Cut down my portion, avoid oily greasy stuff, more fruits and vege... it's all in the book for ages, but never seriously been practise. Well, I think I am gonna start off with cooking my own meal, i guess. From there I can control the oil/grease, the portion, the ingredient... Plan to start my sausage or chicken salad, vege soup with eggie... That will solely depends on how not-lazy I am. I can do it, but not now (at least for a week).

Third one, save more money. I need more and more in the future.

Fourth, at least one oversea trip for the year. We have plans (but nothing is certain) to redeem our free ticket from Eva and plan a trip to Korea. That will be with the group of ladies. I personally would love to go for either Australia or New Zealand, but I doubt I can make it for 2010). And I have another non-achievable place which is Italy. Since Yokey is there... but I seriously having financial doubt. Let's see what happen after 6 months from now. I hope there is miracle.

Last one, hope to get a NON-local car.

~~Happy New Year 2010~~ but with 2012 coming, do i still need to have resolution for 2010???

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's been long...

Wow... it's been a whopping 2 good months since i last updated my bloggie. As the year is gonna wrap up in 10 more days, i guess it is good for me to put up some final post.

I've got to summarise my updates here. Last November, it's been a hectic month at work (as usual). Making 2 business trips down south, at the same time having spent wonderful day and weekend with him. Wrapping up the month, attended a friend beach wedding party, which to me, feel so fairy-tale-alike party. It was a great night and of course parading him to friends for the first time for most of them after 9 good years... LOL... was also a good gathering but don't really have a long catching up session as I have a special guest with me that night. And yea, I met my preggy small friend. I have always been wanting to see her since I get the news that she is having a baby. Congratulations dear...

Moving to December, my birthday month, which I suppose I will have some love and luck but unfortunately not. Begining of the month, attended 2 wedding functions, old school boys and gals meeting up. For my own note, one in Flamingo Hotel, another in Equatorial Bangi. It was not bad of a gathering. December month was ok not until the 9th, my apartment unit been broken into. Those idiot stole our laptop and taken the wrong sized laptop bag (seriously idiot!) a digital camera (with my unloaded pictures in it!!!) and my sister's SLR plus lense (that's the biggest loss). Idiot, idiot, idiot... may your idiot left hand been chop off by some blunt and rusty machete, may your idiot right hand be ripped off by a giant crocs. And so, I need to spend close to 150 more to repair the broken door!.. idiot! Seriously a heartache, I'd rather loss the amount of cash rather than our physical stuff.

Come to my birthday, we went to Melacca as per my stupid request, it's a bad choice after all. And so, we went.... Reaching there, rain keeps pouring as if Melacca does not welcome me at all. Looking high and low for a hotel room, which at last I consider myself to be very fortunate at this point of time because we finally found one after we decided that the particular hotel will be our last try. Traffic was so bad as it was school holiday and long weekend. But after all, I shall give credit to my bf. He is so comforting despite all the turn off that we were getting. Spending the night at a bar with him is so relaxing, walking back to the hotel in the middle of the cold quiet night is a big no no, but yea... we did it and I love the moment!!! LOL ... I would say he made my birthday enjoyable after all. I've got an unintentional xmas pressie from him too... :D ... No photo of this trip as cameras were gone. He promised me a new camera for my birthday pressie, but both of us are too busy at the wrong time to survey for a new one :( ... but i am contented, truly :)

And now, as of today... I am taking a day off from my work. My working life is seriously hectic but at least more meaningful than before. Oh yea, despite all the unfortunate, I have one good news too. I've been confirmed of my posistion earlier than expected and there is a salary adjustment after the confirmation. And, I have heard complimentary stuff from that someone... good to know :)

Hmm... tomorrow back to reality again, back to work. I've been away from work for the past 6 days. How I wish I have a longer break... but the longer, the lazier I get... don't you???

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Luck shadowing...

Well, what more to say... First of all went back did nothing much. Obviously getting some "nice scene" from those closed one. I think I will not be able to shake off one sentence from my head, at least until now. It does hurt a lil...

Back home, was welcome with a puncture tyre, yea... the same new tyre that my dad sent for replacement 2 weeks ago. Some idiot poke a small hole on my tyre and that small can't be repair. It's a NEW tyre, damn you idiot!!! Yesterday, I sent to the mechanic but somehow being told off because I was late and the mechanic was not able to get a new tyre from the supplier. And today I went again for the replacement. There goes my rm145, and eventually tyre price hiking up in these 2 weeks, so I have to pay the extra. At the same time, brake pad was exhausted. so rm70+10. Hence a ripping rm225, I am so so so not in the mood to ask around if that worth. Just let it be... too tired to take care of everything. The boss ripping my wallet off with no single cent discount.

Went to grab some food before headed for home for consequtive 2 days. For this 2 days, the business owner seriously having some sour face. And for past 2 weeks. I reached home, the condition still the same... nothing been tidy up and added some small mess in the kitchen. It's just so irritating.

No where seems to be peaceful for me... and I can feel the shadow of bad luck still hunting me. So I am expecting more to come... and I can see someone having the same problem with me too...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Web Site Hosting

Looking people around me, there are more and more people getting their very own blogs and online websites. I am planning to get my first and very own web hosting services to host my blogs. In the process of getting one, I am a little concern on choosing the right web hosting services. I would love to have my blogs and sites to be hosted under one reliable host so that when I wake up the next morning, I can still see my blogs and sites are running perfectly.

Well, web site hosting seems to answer my doubts and concern over night. They provides ranks and reviews for the most popular online websites hosting and blog hosting companies. This certainly makes my life easier. I can cut short my research trying to identify the right web host when there are so many available nowadays. Web Hosting Geek doing a great job segregating these web host into different categories such as best blog hosting, best VPS hosting, best green web hosting, best email hosting and many other categories. Apart from the reviews and ranking, they too provide free resources for me to understand more about web hosting.

You may take a look in their website or their blog that wrote on industry news, trends, products and discussions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dumbstruck-ed by the locals...

I should say SORRY for those locals whom are normal... just so happened I've met some "special ones"... I have never get this scenarios before and these are my first and recent "encounter", i must blog this to share :) . I do not know how, when what why, I got this in a row...

Me: My parents will be here for the weekend...
Local1: Oh, then you can bring them to MV, it's HUGE there... have they been there?
Me: -_- dumbstruck-ed (in fact they brought me there the first)

Local2: I went to this nice restaurant for shrimp in sunway pyramid... have you been to sunway pyramid?
Me: -_- dumbstruck-ed (help me monalisa, LHL, nga LY...)

Local2: thought of selling some stuff in flea market. The curve have flea market, do you know that??? + the look to expect "No" from me, again...
Me: -_- dumbstruck-ed (I wonder if she ever heard about the waiting list -_- :tested, negative, and if that is the only flea market she knew:tested,, left alone bijou bazaar...)

Local2: I "hang out" at Solaris, relax and enjoy my food there. Have you been to solaris? (given the look of expecting "No", again)
Me: -_- dumbstruck-ed (nak aje aku tanya hang out = sekali, dua ker???)

Me: oh, can use this route too, I've never tried... (in fact i've been there, but never thought of using it as my usual hot route)
Local2: is it? I think you did not go out often, don't you? I drive wherever as long as my tank is full... I don't care (like i do?!?!)
Me: -_- dumbstruck-ed-ed-ed (she, kota d'sara also need to google and sesat pulak tuh)

-___- sigh... am I that ah-lian???
can you imagine, local1 and local2 are wearing S.C.R.U.N.C.H.I.E.S with one strap heels all the time!!!
and this particular local2, always giving me the look of "I bet you didn't know about this cause I should knew better!!!"... that's the killing part. It's hard to best describe the expression or the way she put her sentences and how they sounds like, they are just annoying!!!... don't know what kinda test she wanted to put me through and what theory she wanted to prove!?!?...
but it struck me!?!!?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bloody idiot...

I felt like a bloody idiot now. I sat on the couch in front of my lappy for about 12 hours. Only got up from my couch for nature call, took some pictures and grab some food!...

Gosh... seriously idiot! I have 2 very main task that I have to achieve today. Somehow, I did nothing but back to my "long-lost-routine" that I have missed out so much! I browse the internet for the wrong purpose! I went through the online shopping directories in Emmagem, the list are humongous compare to my last visit (obviously I am far behind now), fb-ing..., browsing photo, do some unintentional reading... I love that I've got hitched back to my old favourite routine, but at the same time, I felt guilty! But... you know, I am kinda Loving it but Hating it...

Sighhh.... I have to mandi now... and back to my taks! I hope I am firm enough this time. No more wandering in the sweet and dreamy land...


P/s: Saturday gonna end, but I love it (at the same time, hate myself)...

Carefree Saturday...

I am enjoying my carefree Saturday now... Today, weather is just so nice, past-rainy day, chilling not so sunny, everything is just niceee... purrrfect weekend!
Looking outside from my apartment, I can't resist to just grab my camera and take some pictures. At the same time, I am missing that someone... sigh... near, yet so far... sigh... anyway, the weather made my day, seriously!

From my chair, I took this... I love those green patches... don't you?

Some serious view from my unit... resolution drop when I uploaded it here... :(

Updates, at night...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend blessed with GFs...

This weekend, it's just amazing on how many old friends that I did not often got a chance to meet, I met them all in 2 days.

Saturday morning, nice one... and I am struggling to wake up that early. But I have to run some personal stuff and so I went. That afternoon, met with this pretty lady, an old friend of mine. First time ever, I am met her bf. I would say awesome couple. Super lovely. With them, we went to show unit and yea, I like...

Night time hang out with my 3 lovely GFs in Bangsar... Yee is in town, so meeting up and update is a must. Yea.. having good chat and lasted till 2am (yea, at 2am I can still survive my battery as I took a 3 hours afternoon nap). That night, I "tertawan" with Amoi's bag and I am sooooo-laa gonna get it, very soon!

Come Sunday, without much plan to leave the house... was thinking to sit in and do some "estates homework" and clean my room and the big pile of clothes that lying on the floor for weeks!... Yea, weeks!!! However, I was easily falling into miss Bnie prey and so we went out shopping in 1U, plus hunting the handbag. The hunting came in vain (they carry those that I am not that deep into it...) , I'll go again on this Wednesday to MV or Pavillion :p... Wanted to get only the black nail polish, but unnoticeable, I grab a few more...

Miss Bnie did her "infamous-nail-art" on me. LoL... Thanks, hon and I love it. Now I understand why you are so happy with fingers, cause when I look at mine, I can feel your happiness too.

Well, I definately love this weekend. I felt it was mine at whole!!!... I am sooooo-laa loving it... But when the Sunday night falls, I feel like rejecting it to come... sigh... Life goes on, work still run, money still gone... LoL... One thing I felt wasted this weekend is the undone "homework"...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, it's been long since my last piece of blog. Has been busy lately and big portion of it is occupied by my job. Since I have been offered the permanent position, task came pouring in for me. Let alone, the time to digest information, I have to resolve issue without the head and tail of the issue. It's fun as boss are cool and hardly come anything close to hard on me (hope this can last as long as I am working with him). On another hand, it's frustrating as I do not know where to begin with and I have to start asking silly silly question to my boss, and I am trying to avoid the asking part, so I am apparently having hard time to resovle issue on my own, I took a long route.

Come to my second updates, my engagement in the 'estates' are quite taxing. It's driving me nuts when I only have 24 hours a day, well obviously I do not have enough time to manage it. Deep in me, I seriously wanted to make it happen, but somehow the timing and the tirednees that struck me at the wrong time and place is killing me. I am trying to... accomodating the best (for everything and everyone...)

Well, I've been trying very hard to accomodate every important person in my life, through out this years of growing up with responsibility and relationship... Sometimes, it's seriously taxing and taking almost all my life to maintain everything in good hand. Sometimes, I do fail... and I know things gonna get better or worst, just the matter of my management, one slip everything went down the drain... I've been to a fortune teller once, he told me that sometimes, I do have to spend time for my VERY OWNself, taking care of others just can't be my 24/7 thingy.

Ok, back to some normal topic... my braces. Well, in the span of about 40 days, my brackets drop off for good 4 times. First to third happened to the same bracket and got it fixed and the last time, I do not dare to chew anything hard. Forth time, happened today. Lunch time, I took vercimilli and by the time I realised it, 2 bracket dropped. I only found one hanging on the wire and the other one, highly possible I have GULP it down with my food. Now I am not sure if the bracket will come out from that somewhere, or will I die or get intestine infection... I wonder, but never mind that for a moment now. Tomorrow, I need to visit the dentist again... sigh...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PADI Open Water Diving License...

Yeeee hah!!!... I've got my PADI open water diving license! So I can dive with my honey in the future, he had gotten his last year or so. Second news, I've been offered a permanent post in my current job! My luck of the year, I guess...

PADI open water diver course took me 4 Days 3 nights in Lang Tengah. This is just another unplanned "excursion", which I always wish it will be nice to happen but did not think it can happen so soon. It's just a superb experience for me. But somehow in the middle of the course, I did gave up. After thinking twice and left struggling with the imbalance feeling - angry, sad, happy, excited, disappointed... I decided to give myself another try. Finally... I am done! Hooray...

Day1 (Friday night 19th)
9 monkeys gathered at ML's place. Set off at 1am. Trust me, it's a long long drive... 2 cars, equiped with walkie talkie and GPS device (no soul ever confirm the route...) , made plenty of stops (ciggy break, nature call, 7-11...). Reached Merang jetty at about 9am the next day.

Day2 (20th)
Waited for uncle Boon, checked in and changed, *puff*... we were at the first briefing. Been introduce to BCP, first stage, second stage, pressure gauge, octopus, regulator, scuba tank with o-ring, weight belt and stuffs...exciting!!! After setting all the gear, putting it on we are ready to dive for the first time. It's a confined water dive for the first time. So, there we go with all the demonstration underwater, we need to redo all the steps and passes the skills. Back on land, we need to attend theory classes, and be prepared for exam on the final night. Completely worn out, knock out within few seconds in the bed.

Day 3 (21st)
After taking our big bunch of monkeys breakfast, 9am... we were there for our second lesson (actually continue from the first lesson). 2.30pm (we were late :P), another lesson, this time in 7m deep. And around 4pm, I have to go for my private lesson. My breathing pattern causing me to float easily. So, with no wet suit, with my bf (watcher only), and my so called temporary-private-instructor, I've been given another shot to dive and at the see some nice spots underwater (hehe, at least can compensate my "not-so-good mood", cause I am the only one having the breathing problem of all the 5 of us...). At 6pm we were out of confined water training where my "super-no-mood" strike me. We were suppose to ascent to 14m underwater, but I failed to do so, too panicky with my bf around. Instructor assigned him to be my buddy, and later he knew he made a huge mistake to set us as a team. He said, bf too sayang to see me struggling, so he inflated me (BCD) and went to the surface instead of underwater :-( Instructor came to the surface, ask if I want to follow him to go back underwater. I was too moody to think and I've failed at that point, so I said NO to my instructor. So, yea... me and bf swam back to the shore... and left with a feeling "failed miserably"!!! I even told my bf it's a waste to not have camera at the moment, cause that will be the last time I am in the wet suit and BCD and stuffs (you can feel how negative I am at that point la...). Night time, instructor came to us, the cartoons (he said we are cartoons cause we are so funny and weird). He knew I will say no the course, and I wanted to give up. With no chance of fighting back, "you MUST go into the room (for our quizes and theory) AND tomorrow you WILL have to go underwater with me". "Give yourself a chance".

And so, I went into the room with the rest of the cartoons and prepared my mentallity for the next day. I think I start to love my dives and I will blame myself for not giving a second try.

Day4 (22nd):
Morning, 9am... we were out again and this time, bf and another cartoon's bf were not allowed to tail us... ha ha, that severe leh, the punishment! And this time, I've got a new buddy, some one not from our group, new joiner, and it's her second lesson. Instructor ordered us to stay very close to him and he will take good care of us, and yes, he did! I can go down to 17.3 meter, did my equalization properly, breathing okay-ly, and yes, I've made it and in an instant, my mood shoot up to the peak!!! At 12, we did our second dive of the day at 14.6 meter underwater, it's a boat dive. And the good news is, bf get to come along (instructor allow all of them to follow). This boat dive makes me lil nervous cause need to do entry from the boat itself. I went for the last person to enter, and I made it. Not that scary after all... :-)
5pm, we made another entry, from boat as well, I did it fine... we did 18 meter this time (more than that... hehe). Uncle Boon bring us to spots that we can enjoy our dive, niceeee...
Night time falls, I felt reluctant for the next morning to come, cause we will be going home!

Day5 (23rd)
Morning come, we have to go back to our not-so-lala-land... sigh... but we will be here back soon, hopefully in October. By then, I can have more time to enjoy the island trip and the dive. This time around, purely for the license, so it is a lil stress here and there with no 100% concentration on the underwater world as yet. I have to tell you I have no regret, really niceeee... I am waiting for October to come~~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fully braced, Day 1...

This is me (took after few hours after I went to install the braces. Looks super crooked right? The wire went according to the "crooked-ness" of my teeth. Before braced, I thought it is not that bad, but I change my mind now, they do look very very bad.

Day 1, no solid food. Breakfast only coffee, lunch i took protein plus soya powder, tea time - Horlicks, dinner swallow keow toew soup, supper I cook pumpkin poridge (excuse me, hungry la...)

I thought the brace can contain my teeth and at the same time contain my diet. Well, obviously my will to put food in my mouth never fail on me!!! I can feel the tension on my teeth now. It is getting more and more uncomfortable. Few hours after the installation, I do not feel anything bugging my teeth and I texted Benny telling her no pain at all. She ask me to wait few more hours to get to know what she is talking about. And yea... now I can really feel it, I get what she mean, I guess... but luckily, it's still bearable. One more important fact...when i try to lock my lips, I look like a monkey.

Wish me luck.

My last month craving...

I have monthly craving when the time comes. Some of the months will be chicken rice, some will be laksa, nasi lemak or curry mee. For May, I crave for fruit cake. Well, I am not a sweet tooth person, but I do not know why out of a sudden I crave for fruit cake.

And so, I drive around to find King's confectionary near my place. I wanted to get the cake at whole, but then thinking that will be too much, I just pick one slice. At the same time, I pick 2 more lovely cake. Sigh...

Then I went into Guardian and pick 2 more stuff, the Oyster Mushrooms Crips and Pringles by accident! So my montly craving turning weird, hateful perhaps.

Ladies, will you crave for any particular food when the time has come every month???... I feel guilty but I can't help it. Bloating and lumpy for 2 weeks before it, then ok for another 2 weeks and the cycle carries on.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Officially Ugly Betty...

Yeap... 2 hours back, fully installed my braces. And now, I am officially ugly Betty for hopefully shorter than 18 months... let's pray hard!

Will update more with pictures, soon...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now is Misha... to the vet...

Went back to my hometown last weekend, saw my Misha having terrible skin problem. She has been having it for months, but this time around, her condition worsen. That morning, I saw her condition clearly. She has external bleeding on her skin and it was bad. After 2 hours, we were already in the car to the vet. Yeap, to Dr Jean in Ipoh again. I sent Mira there Oct last year.

Misha's skin problem started months ago. We have tried giving her antibiotics and ask some useless vet to come and treat her (useless because he is not expert or knowledgable, only want my money, but I have no choice because there are limited vet in town) . So, we tried to bath her every other day with medicated shampoo, try NOT to bath her at all but spray antiseptic on her body, but all in vain.

Dr Jean scraped some sample of her skin and put in under microscope. It was fungal infection. Dr Jean clean up Misha's wound, gave her cord liver oil and antibiotic. I leave Misha there under the care of Dr Jean, hoping that she can get well sooner than treating her on our own. She is still there to date. I called up Dr Jean to ask what's her condition.

Dr Jean: She likes to sing (howl...)
Me : Does she damage your cage?
Dr Jean: So far, nope, but if she does... I guess you will need to buy that cage ("Pay" in another way)

We went into the keeping area where Misha was put into the cage. She has a few neighbours boarding there too. Two of them having skin problem as well. One small puppy, ready for adoption, Dr Jean pick up her from the street. Dr Jean, is a real dedicated vet with a real heart! How do you not love Dr Jean, right? And the main neighbour there is the one whom lost one of his eyes. He had a fight with another dog at home. The other dog bite his eye off (gross...) The dog actually having a little popping eye. I think he is mix of pekingese and pug. When the owner sent the dog here after the incident, his eye ball drop and hanging outside the socket (double gross, and double kesian!!!). He is traumatized! Now, he is a one-eyed-dog. Super kesian!

Dr Jean will keep me posted with Misha's condition. Hope she can get well soon!